Twilight at the Zoo Vol. 1

by Erik Sumo



One of the most playful, unclassifiable pop groups in Hungary is going to celebrate its sixth birthday this autumn. The ever-changing Erik Sumo Band, founded by composer-vocalist-keyboard player Ambrus Tövisházi, is familiar with a number of styles ranging fromdowntempo to upbeat garage punk. Their debut material released on a Stuttgart label Pulver Records back in 2005, was mixing mellow dub-folk elements with a romantic quotation of the Wild West. My Rocky Mountain put the group on the musical map of Europe. The band’s sophomore LP, The Trouble Soup, focusing more on 70s progressive rock, was released last year in their home country and also in Germany on Cologne label Le Pop.After a change of lineup last year, the band decided to write new songs and release them as series ofEP’s.

The first release in the series, Twilight At The Zoo Vol. 1 contains seven new songs. The new songs have lots of Afro elements and catchy melodies. Erik Sumo Band is still doing something that is in between genres. Their permanent guest, charismatic singer Erzsi Kiss adds a lot to the magic of the band: her parts are from imaginary folk tales and sang in a language invented by herself. Erik Sumo Band’s lovely blend ofdown-to-earth dance music and melancholic pop will definitely make you happy and it is worth to check out their live performance as well.


released April 28, 2011

all songs written & performed by some or all members of the band: Isti, Ádám, Drapi, Zoli, Erzsi, Ambrus
lyrics by Ambrus & Erzsi, except Track 1 lyrics by Kristóf Hajós-Dévényi

produced & mixed by: Isti & Ambrus
mastered by Jappan
cover designed by Vince Varga